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Who we are

Electric traction at the service of quality agriculture.

Wgreen is a project created to alleviate fatigue in certain jobs and facilitate the movement of loads, with consequent benefits for the operator at an ergonomic level. We can thus summarize the birth of this technology which, since 2000, Boffa Costruzioni Meccaniche, offers to meet the work needs in the various fields of application.The continuous confrontation with customers has led in recent years to the transition from petrol-powered models to those with electric motors, in full respect of nature and health, without forgetting the significant cost savings for low operating costs.

Our machines find space in the wine sector, fruit and vegetables (especially in greenhouses), agricultural, construction, logistics, for clearing snow, for spraying treatments phytosanitary, for the collection of aromatic herbs, for beekeeping, for the management of farms of cattle and poultry etc. ...24, 36 and 48 Volt electric motorsThe added value of our electric models is precisely in the range of machines for professional use which, compared to those of the competitors, are powered by batteries with a voltage of 36 and 48Volt. The advantages: softer energy flow, less battery stress and longer working hours with consequent increase in machine performance. The 24 Volt models, on the other hand, are mainly produced for hobby-professional use. In addition, some of our models have a standard lithium battery pack, further increasing the performance of the machines. Therefore, the range is constantly evolving and we also make tailor-made models to best meet the needs of our customers.

Certified QualityThe "Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana" trademark, obtained in 2009 by Boffa Costruzioni Meccaniche for the professionalism demonstrated, since 1978, in the field of iron carpentry and the construction of machinery and equipment, and the collaboration with the Agricultural Mechanization University and the Polytechnic of Turin, are our guarantees for the customer. Not forgetting the adhesion to Arproma (National Association of Agricultural Machinery Producers) and the numerous awards of "Mention and Technical News" for innovative models obtained at national level.The continuous search for improvements, patents, expertise, dialogue with customers: the company has been operating for almost forty years, to offer competitive and highly professional models and products.

All Made in Italy, designed, developed and built by us.

Our values

Why the electric Wgreen Tecnology?

Powerbarrow, movers, sprayers, tool carriers, facilitators and self-propelled machines for the collection of aromatic herbs, vehicles for the distribution of feed, all electrically powered: innovative agriculture is at home at Wgreen Tecnology.Why use wheelbarrows, sprayers, electric traction facilitators and other Wgreen Tecnology machines in agriculture?

The reasons are three.


Our company is headquartered in Valle Talloria (CN) Italy, among the hills decreed as Unesco World Heritage. It follows a great sensitivity for the protection of the territory also on our part, a theme that we have always taken into great consideration, and which has led us to produce means of work that are respectful of the environment and nature.


Our machines have been designed to safeguard the ergonomics of those who use them. Work in the countryside is notoriously exhausting. With Wgreen Technology you can protect your health. Just backache and joint pain caused by a particular posture, required by the type of work to be performed. Our products facilitate your work and relieve fatigue, resulting in an advantage for your health.


Using a wheelbarrow, a sprayer or an electric traction facilitator means saving money. Maintenance costs are very low and the battery pack is sized to guarantee long life. Our machines, according to the model, are designed to guarantee a whole working day. A small but significant example: a complete recharge, to be performed by connecting the battery to a simple outlet, has a variable cost of 0.50 - 0.80 €, compared to an expense of at least 10 € for the fuel to be inserted in a traditional car with a petrol engine.Silent vehicles, environmentally friendly, operator health, and with low maintenance costs: what are you waiting for to switch to Wgreen Tecnology electric machines for your work?

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