BSK Obrenovac D.o.o.

Who we are

BSK air technologies is a family company with a long tradition in development, manufacturing, and selling innovative berry harvester - the KOKAN 500s.

Kokan has unique, worldwide patent-protected technology for harvesting berries for fresh market use.

It is an innovative harvesting technology that works on shaking berries with air pulsations and enables efficient picking without damaging plants and fruit.

Kokan technology shakes native branches with pulsating air of controlled speed and frequency. With KOKAN, you will harvest technologically ripe fruits without damage.

Kokan technology works on the principle of 3 independent parameters:

1. Speed of airstream: RPM of Fan

2. Frequency of shaking: RPM of pulsation

3. Ground speed of the tractor

Combining parameters makes it possible to harvest a wide range of blueberry varieties from the start to the end of the harvesting season.

The Kokan 500S is a harvester that works with its diesel engine, and it tows with the tractor.

Harvesting capacity is 1 t / h and offers the possibility of harvesting 3-4 hectares per day and replacing up to 200 picker workers during the season.

We are offering different construction types of 500S model:

500S Tunnel is used in greenhouses for smaller plant dimensions, on soil beds, or in pots.

500S Standard is used for open field or higher greenhouses, for medium plant dimensions, on soil beds, or in pots.

500S Hiline is used for open fields or fields with nets and higher plants.

500S Maxi is used for open fields or fields with nets and higher and broader plants.

Our values

We strive to become a global technological leader. Our mission is to improve harvesting technology, quality, and adapt to the ultimate need of users.

We have developed a technology that allows us to harvest blueberries for the fresh market on handpicking quality level.

The KOKAN 500s offer the possibility to harvest: Blueberries for fresh market and Raspberry, Blackberry, Black Currant, Haskap, Goji for IQF.

The advantage is the chance to harvest blueberries under the morning dew or even after fine rain. Because air harvesting technology acts like fen, which blows out moisture from berries.

The Return of Investment on our machines is in two harvesting seasons.

With our machine, you will decrease labour costs and maximize productivity.

Our presence around the world