Who we are

CIMA is an Italian company leader in designing and producing weighing control system for pigs and cattle in motion, and liquid feeding system for pig. The company is internationally recognized for the quality & technology of its products, and for offering competitive prices.

We have been working for 40 years in the pig sector making automatic liquid feeding system. The main feature of our automatic liquid feeding system concerns the materials they are made of; in fact all the parts are in stainless steel which makes the system long lasting.

Our activity gives us the possibility to be in touch with pigs farmers everyday listening to their needs. During the last years we noticed farmers were looking for easy tools to check and to control the pigs weight which is an essential data inside a pig farm. For this reason, we decided to study and to develop a new device where pigs can be weighed while they walk on a platform.

The company was born in 1980 in Emilia Romagna, north of Italy, is specialized in offering:

- reduce the barn emptying time

- eliminate withholding at the slaughterhouse for non-homogeneous pigs

- obtain awards for the pig uniformity

Our values

CIMA produces 100% of its products in Italy, exports to over 25 countries and is internationally recognized for offering:

- Price dimension projects

- Manufactured equipment to keep the well-being of animals

- Technological system with precise functionalities in order to support operators

- fast technical support