Who we are

ComNav Marine Ltd., one of the largest privately held autopilot manufacturers in the world has been providing advanced marine navigation solutions for commercial, recreational and government markets since 1982.

ComNav’s products have earned a reputation for delivering exceptional performance and reliability in even the harshest conditions. Today, many of their products can be found in power and sail boats to commercial fleets of fishing vessels, work boats, freighters and ferries including coast guard and naval vessels.

With a commitment to innovation, ComNav’s research and development team is constantly enhancing their products and adding new products to meet the discerning needs in the marketplace for intelligent integrated navigation systems. With introduction of the new G7 and G9 GNSS/RTK smart receivers ComNav has made strides into the High-Precision industry in Marine and Land applications. Whether used in Land/Offshore surveying or machine control and guidance automation systems, the products provide a reliable and robust service.

ComNav’s extensive worldwide technical servicing dealer support and training programs in more than 150 countries ensures customer satisfaction. ComNav’s products are engineered according to stringent IMO, Wheelmark and USCG certifications, while their quality management systems adhere to the International ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Our values

ComNav’s environmental stewardship to protect our water, air and forests is at the core of our heartfelt commitment. Our design philosophies will not only continue to save energy and fuel, but also conserve precious resources to aid in the next era of human progress. We envision a future forward suite of solutions that embraces modern eco-friendly technology, balanced with emotion and intelligence in all aspects.

With a commitment to innovation, our research and development team is constantly enhancing our solutions to meet the discerning needs of the marketplace for intelligent precision products.