Who we are

Professional equipment for veterinary, agriculture and livestock breeders

Since 1987 manufactures specialized equipment designed for livestock breeders, agriculture and veterinary medicine.

It sells its products on all continents. It has over 60 certified distributors all over the world. As a global player on the market, it effectively competes other brands with the quality of its devices and after-sales service. Each year it invests in new technologies, adding to the company’s portfolio innovative products that meet the users’ needs.

Portable medical ultrasound scanners

Following developments in technology and the global device miniaturization trend, Dramiński company focused on manufacturing small, light and portable diagnostic imaging ultrasound scanners. They are used mainly in such areas of expertise as emergency medicine, family medicine, palliative care as well as gynaecology and obstetrics.

The company’s presence in the human medicine branch is growing, and we are certainly going to hear more about Dramiński…

Our values

Values that we follow:

• fast realization of orders
• timely deliveries of products to the customer
• thorough analysis of complaints with consideration of customer rights
• effective elimination of potential product defects
• attentively listening to needs reported by our customers
• analyzing the development trends of technologies used in the field of our business

Cooperation with research centers

Ongoing co-operation with prestigious research centers and scientists throughout the world provides the understanding, use and implementation of our instruments ahead of the expectations of our customers. As a result of our commitment to quality, our production plans comply to the most advanced technologies, combining modernity with experience to deliver superior products and excellent service to our customers.

ISO and quality policy

Growing customers’ expectations, striving to defend one’s labored market place and the need to win new customers require implementation and running quality management system based on the international ISO 9001 standard.

Quality means complete satisfaction of needs and expectations of a customer. Every-day functioning of the system, although not so spectacular as its establishment, involves significant expenditure of labour on the part of internal auditors, management attention and, first of all, commitment of our employees.

We own the following certificates:

ISO 9001* – awarded in the field of design, manufacture, sales & service of electronic devices for farming, agriculture & food industry and veterinary medicine (including ultrasoound scanners)
ISO 13485*- awarded in the field of design / development, distribution and medical service of ultrasonic diagnostic equipment

* The quality management system is a subject to annual supervising audits

Our presence around the world