Ecoslider Greenhouses and PremiFarm Aeroponic Vert

Who we are

All greenhouse models offered by our company were designed for use in Northern countries with cold climates and snowy winters.

We manufacture quality, reliable, and user-friendly greenhouses that are designed for long life. Ensuring high-quality products and services is one way to help consumers to appreciate and believe what we have to offer.

What makes our Greenhouse unique?

1. Competitive prices for Premium Quality Products.

2. Product Range: from Mini Greenhouses from 1.5m wide to Professional Farmers Greenhouses 7m wide. The client can also select the shape, color, and other optional features for their greenhouse.

3. Durability of the construction that is suitable for harsh weather environments of Northern Countries. We patented our own design- our closed profile and trusses technology, which enhances the durability of the construction. Frames are made of galvanized steel with a high zinc content, which protects the greenhouse from corrosion for decades and increases its service life. Trusses have internal weaving and reinforcements for heavy vertical load distribution. Thus, there is no need to remove snow from the greenhouses in winter, since the greenhouse is able to withstand heavy vertical loads.

4. Simple assembly process. Ecoslider greenhouses are shipped in large segments that have been pre-assembled from the factory, which significantly simplifies the process and time of installation.

Our production capacity allows us to manufacture 4000-5000 greenhouses per year.

Our values

In design of greenhouse shapes and sizes our company experts, first of all, take into account wishes of our clients and market needs. After designers have "created" the model in drawing, our constructors and engineers begin their work. Their main task is to bring the EcoSlider's (Heikkinen OÜ) concept to life – creation of a durable and reliable greenhouse. Construction drawing is transferred to parts drawings, necessary calculations and corrections are made, and manufacturing process technology is implemented. Experimental samples, which will be later improved upon, are made and tested for winter conditions, and only after extensive testing the mass production begins.

Our greenhouse components and manufacturing methods and technologies are patented and protected by law. Ecoslider trademark is also protected by law.