Franco srl

Who we are

Since 1962, we have been designing and building ecotech solutions for agriculture, livestock and industry. Our products are able to adapt to various types of environments, even the harshest. We develop and manufacture in Italy centrifugal humidifiers, water or gas heaters, adiabatic coolers and polycarbonate windows. At Franco, we strive to be the best at what we do. Our being professional starts from the first processes of machine manufacturing to the final customer service. Our products are reliable and built to last.

Our mission is to combine technological innovation with environmental sustainability by developing efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC machinery.

Our values

For 60 years we have been committed to creating the ideal environment for our customers, providing robust and durable products. Our mission is to design and produce machines suitable for applications in the field of agriculture, industry and livestock, and to adapt to any type of environment, even the most difficult.

We always have a careful eye towards the quality of the materials, the ease of installation and maintenance, the excellent value for money.

Our goal is to always improve the efficiency and sustainability of our machines, to help create a world in which man and nature work together towards a common goal.