HUESKER Synthetic GmbH

Who we are

The HUESKER Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of geosynthetics and technical textiles. The company operates globally with ten subsidiaries and trading and sales partners in over 60 countries. In the agricultural sector HUESKER replaces conventional solid construction methods with sustainable and intelligent solutions from the field of modern and high-performance technical textiles.

The HUESKER product portfolio offers you first class solutions for the animal friendly livestock farming and efficient farm management. With our Lubratec® products you can increase the well-being of your animals by creating an optimum barn climate, encouraging natural behaviour and reducing aerogenic infections. Lubratec helps you to reconcile animal welfare with efficient barn management. Lubratec will help you to bring animal welfare and efficient barn management together.

Lubratec Smart is an innovative system for regulating the climate in the barn for maximum animal welfare (in an outdoor climate barn). Natural and active Lubratec ventilation and lighting products are intelligently linked together. The core elements of the system are the Lubratec SmartBox and the App.

Covertec silo covers / weatherproof silo covers from the Biogas and Manure segment offer reliable protection against all weathers, with some models designed to prevent the escape of environmentally harmful gases. The Covertec double membrane roof was specially developed for biogas plants. The range is completed by the Gas Bag, customized concrete protection systems, tank covers like floats and floating membrane covers and flexible storage tanks for liquids.

With Agritec® Silage Safe, HUESKER offers a unique system for tensioning of silage protection covers. The woven sheets of 2 m width can be positioned rapidly and easily and create a full-surface and efficient tensioning of the silage – even along the edges.
HUESKER's sugar beet covers offer comprehensive protection for your harvest. The product provides a reliable defense against low temperatures and precipitation.

Our values

We are committed to replace conventional construction methods with providing ingenious and sustainable solutions applying state of the art and highly effective technical textiles.

As a global player, we aim to be the recognised market leader in all areas of our doing. At the same time, we strive to continually improve the value of the company.

HUESKER is the reliable and attractive partner for its customers, business friends and employees.

Top-class engineering solutions, more than 150 years of expertise in manufacturing, coating and tailoring of technical textiles, as well as our innovative power are the key to our success and the foundation of our long-standing customer relations.

For any challenging project, we will find the solution!