Who we are


Japa® firewood proseccors are designed and manufactured in Finland with decades of experience. Japa® is one of the market leaders in the professional sector and many recreational users also rely on our firewood proseccors and accessories.

All Japa® machines are designed by our own product development team. We pay particular attention to product safety which is why our products feature extensive covers and shields, an automatic stop function and other product innovations that keep our customers safe. For us every detail matters – the splitting blades are of the best quality and we only use motors from well-established international brands such as Honda and Briggs & Stratton.

We have manufactured Japa® firewood machines with care and excellent craftsmanship since 1977 offering top-quality machines for both professional and recreational use.

Our values


Well-thought-out details. Modern innovations. Top-notch results. These are the star elements of Japa® firewood processors. Our machines are designed to be safe, reliable and easy to use and maintain. We collect regular feedback from our customers, striving to develop our products at every new release.


Every minor detail of Japa® firewood processors is thought out and tested with extreme care. Our product development team works consistently to create new innovations that make working on the machine easier. Latest examples include the patented Perfect Clean™ and Perfect Split™ systems.


Japa® firewood processors are made to last generations. We test our products in extreme conditions and strive to make them even more durable, for example, by using new materials. Our design team works to ensure that our machines are easy to maintain.