Organic Tools GmbH

Who we are

At work for great small-scale farmers.

Organic Tools GmbH was founded in Vienna in 2018 and our team has since been exploring the question of what the future of agriculture will look like. We pursue the vision of developing life-saving solutions and adapted technology for small-scale and sustainable agriculture. With our first product the "Obstraupe" we focus on durable and efficient technology "Made in Austria", which significantly facilitates the harvesting of orchard fruit. Walnuts, cider pears or apples can be quickly and ergonomically collected from the ground into boxes with the battery-powered device. This is based on the insight that the laborious manual harvesting of orchard fruit, coupled with low prices, has led to a drastic decline in the ecologically valuable orchards in Europe in recent years. As a company, we live cooperative business practices and are convinced that if our customers and partners do well, our company will also do well.

Our values

We develop tools and innovations for the cooperation of humans and nature. We work for a regenerative agriculture, that serves health and enjoyment at all levels.