PIX Transmissions Ltd.

Who we are

PIX is amongst the most reliable manufacturers in the global Mechanical Power Transmission industry with an extensive range of high-performance V-Belts, Timing, and Poly-V belts to suit a wide array of Industrial, Agricultural, Lawn & Garden, and Automotive applications.

With over five decades of expertise in manufacturing Rubber Belts, PIX prides itself on a vast reserve of technical know-how and experience in providing best-of-class quality, in compliance with all International Standards and a host of important product type certifications.

The company has been on the forefront of technological advancement in this space through continual investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, an ultra-modern, fully-automated Rubber Mixing plant, nationally accredited research and development laboratories, highly sophisticated testing centres, managed by a dynamic team of talented professionals.

Availability and service are ensured worldwide through its 100% owned subsidiary companies in several countries as well as via a network of committed distribution partners in over 100 countries.

PIX is driven to solve real customer problems by developing and delivering an extensive range of products with a compelling performance to price ratio, backed up with unmatched customer care by following best industry practices, robust processes and sound business ethics.

To know more about us visit our website www.pixtrans.com or e-mail us at info@pixtrans.com

Our values

Unquestionable Ethics, Integrity

Customer-focused characterized by high level of Customer Satisfaction

Outright Aversion to Waste

Exhibit Leadership in all aspects

Hunger for Success

Passion for Excellence

Our presence around the world