Who we are

POLANES is a Polish family company from Bydgoszcz, existing for many years in technology segment of milk production and feeding systems for livestock.

We offer modern and proven solutions in the whole milk production cycle, from pipeline milking, through milking parlous and feeding systems to complex herd management system. Satisfaction and expectations of our clients are our motivation and challenge.

We have in the offer milking parlours type herringbone, swing over and side by side. Moreover, we sell feeding stations which work with our own herd management system. Every offer is tailored to the needs of our clients and estimated individually. We also help in

If you have any questions concerning our offer, please contact us. We will prepare the offer meeting your expectations and help with project. We also advice you the best solution.

If you interested in the parlour, feeding station, herd management system or only some components for the installation, don't hesitate to contact us. Our specialists

Our values

Our devices work every day in thousands of fams worldwide, being a proof of trust and reliability of our solutions based on Polish technical knowledge and national production. We have constantly developed the quality of our services, technical support and consulting as we understand the cooperation with our clients that way.

Our presence around the world