Who we are

Puli-sistem has been working in the dairy sector since 1989, when its first product “The Pulimamm”
was launched on the Italian market. It was the first time that spinning brushes and disinfectant entered
the milking parlor. Our first teat scrubber was bigger, heavier. A mobile cart teat scrubbing system,
equipped with a battery, was available as well. It was a success, but not enough.
A few years later, we moved up to our F50 system, a much lighter teat scrubber that carried a small
motor into the hand unit.
Ever since we first started producing our systems, we choose to make research our guiding path,
in order to create and market a product, which was really respondent to farmer’s expectations and
completely safe to animal and operators.
Our efforts brought us to be awarded with the prestigious Prince Philip Award in Great Britain in
2004, and then 2 years later with the first prize in the Techonological Innovation Award Concurso de
Innovacion Tecnologica in Silleda, Spain. Also, a research on the F50 was presented at the National
Mastitis Council Congress in Orlando, Florida, 2005.
Our quest for efficiency and love for technology soon brought us to the next step, the F60, a refined
version of its precursor and a real must in every milking parlor that is efficient and well organized.
Actually, this extremely reliable and long-lasting system is currently exported all over the world.
In 2007 we presented our Footbrush, a patented footbath that was welcomed with enthusiasm by the
general public and professionals in Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, United states and Canada of today.
Once again, we did not stop there. We moved on to the next step, the revolutionary F488 teat scrubbing
system, which was released at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI, in October 2015. The big change is
the fourth brush that we added at the bottom of the washing unit. Teats are cleaner, prep is faster and
more consistent, milkers are happier and healthier thanks to the new-style, ergonomic, easy-to-use
hand unit. Moreover, this system is incredibly lighter than the previous ones.
As research means a lot to us, we are constantly trying to improve our products and make them better
for you, so in 2018 we could say: welcome F71.
This is the utmost successor of the F60. Strong, reliable, user-friendly. Versatile, heavy-duty, easy to
maintain. An advanced prep system that strips, washes, dries and well stimulated cows in the most
consistent way.
An important thing: our development and research of new teat scrubber systems is also connected
to the farmers need of new and strong disinfectant solution. Actually all the components of our teat
scrubber are acid-resistant and they can be safely used with the majority of the most corrosive chemical
In addition this year we are pleased to introduce you 2 big news: The F488 for buffalos and the new
Control Unit. The special version of the F488 fits the characteristics buffalos teats, and thanks to the
innovative Control Unit you can choose to prep your cows with our F488 or our F71.
Nowadays our systems are in use in Belarus, Russia, Europe, Turkey, Japan, China, Taiwan, Australia,
Canada, Usa, Brazil, Israel, Chile, South Africa, UAE. Actually we partner with local dealers who have
been trained with every step of the Puli-sistem process, from install to service.
After so many years of activity, we can proudly say: “Puli-sistem often imitated never duplicated! The
global leader in the teat scrubber market!”

Our values

If you have a product you're passionate about, like we are here at Puli-sistem with our product, then go for it. With our products we are very focused on animal safety and comfort. Invest in your client's success and they'll invest in yours. When the customer sees your passion and your desire to want to make things work for them, they're going to give you oppotunities. That's the key!

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