Who we are

Since 1987, for over 30 years, TECNIDRO designs, develops, manufactures and markets automatic hydraulic valves and water control systems all over the world. The company founded in 1987 from Eng. Alberto Lodolo is well known all over the world for versatility for products quality.

TECNIDRO is located in the northern part of the city of Genoa, one of the most important port of Italy. TECNIDRO Products are continuously upgraded and tested by our team of engineers and technicians using lasted technology and our large test bench.

TECNIDRO is the manufacturer of the largest control valve in the world reaching a nominal diameter of 1400 mm (56”).

Main fields of application of TECNIDRO Products are irrigation, waterworks, water supply and distribution, buildings & construction, water treatment, fire protection systems, fuel stock plants and water metering.

Our values


The TOTAL QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPECT are the goals that characterizes the Company Policy of TECNIDRO S.r.l .

It is our firm conviction that the complete satisfaction of the Customer and the respect for the environment are the key to keep the commercial competitiveness achieved and to open the door to new commercial and business developments. The goal of complete Customer satisfaction must allow us to be identified as a Company that aims to achieve excellence, without additional costs for our customers, also ensuring a continuous professional growth of our personnel.

This is the primary objective that Tecnidro s.r.l. intends to achieve through an accurate analysis of the Company operating context and the risks analysis connected to this context, taking advantage of the opportunities for improvement that may arise from this analysis.

Tecnidro S.r.l. is certified in accordance to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standards.

The commitments of the Top Management on the Quality and Environment Policies are annually translated into a plan of circumscribed and measurable objectives, for the achievement of which the Top Management guarantees to provide all the necessary training, resources and support.

The Plan of objectives is approved by the Top Management and is brought to the attention of all the personnel.

The present Quality and Environment Policy, defined by the Top Management, is consistent with Company policies and establishes the objectives reported in detail in the Management Review, according to the following macro-objectives:

- Total collaboration with the Customer with the aim of his full satisfaction;

- Accurate selection of our Suppliers based on the total quality of the material supplied;

- Total internal collaboration, with the aim of pursuing continuous improvement of the processes and results;

- Promote the ethics of employees responsibility and increase of their skills;

- Presence of adequate equipment with personnel adequately trained for their operation;

- Production and continuous control of the same for a final product/services that always satisfies the specifications indicated by the Customer;

- Compliance with applicable laws and regulations;

- Minimize the Risks and take advantage of any opportunity of improvement;

- Always maintain the Company Balance sheet under control.


- Respect all environmental regulatory requirements and defining management and control roles and responsibilities;

- Constantly monitor the Company’s environmental performance to have the impacts completely under control;

- Manage in a complete way the cases relating to environmental Non Conformities and Corrective Actions, adopting solutions suitable for the needs of the Company and workers, both with specific and technical improvements, and with staff training;

- Promote relationships with Suppliers holding environmental certification;

- Constantly improve Company environmental performances, with the addition of new equipment, preparations and machinery and working

To achieve these objectives, the Top Management commits itself to:

- Activate structural initiatives for the development and promotion of quality and environment;

- Constantly monitor the corresponding actions;

- Systematically verify the results achieved.

The Top Management is also committed to provide to the employees all the operational means, knowledge and training, necessary for the quality and environment improvement sought, promoting all those actions necessary to ensure the full safety of operators in the workplace which is a goal that has absolute priority and that TECNIDRO S.r.l. intends to achieve thanks to the commitment and support of all internal and external collaborators.

For this reason we are committed to achieve the quality and environment objectives that we have agreed upon in the Company and that are available to all those who want to see them.