Terrateck SAS

Who we are

Terrateck SAS designs, manufactures and distributes market gardening equipment
for farming without chemicals. Our tools are designed with the environment in
mind and tailored to organic farming practices. Our equipment, which is continually
improving in accordance with the standards of the profession, is geared to
market gardeners, home gardeners, local authorities and businesses in the sector
of parks and recreation areas. Terrateck is an enterprising business with a young
team, drawn primarily from the agricultural sector. Highly attuned to the needs of
producers and their partners, we work hand-in-glove, offering a continuous flow
of high-quality solutions to the needs encountered in the field. Our primary focus
is on ensuring superior standards in agriculture that are respectful of mankind and
the environment, and this is reflected in the tools made in our workshop.

Our values


Arising from an ongoing conversation between our engineering office and
farmers, our equipment is tailored to the needs created by practical problems
encountered in the field.

The entire design function is conducted in-house using a CAD drawing application prior
to manufacturing. In the belief that agriculture is going to experience a deep
transformation over the next few years, our equipment gives producers the support
they need in their daily activities, thanks to our core values of quality,
productivity and respect for nature and mankind.


Terrateck has a workshop equipped with various pieces of metalworking
equipment where it creates all its prototypes in-house. As for the
mass-produced machines, we work in partnership with French and European
subcontractors, based not far from our borders. All the assembly work is
conducted in our workshops in order to ensure the highest standards of the delivered product.


We love the outdoors, having our feet firmly planted on the ground! Terrateck's
presence in the field is one of the key aspects of the close relationships it
develops with producers.

We conduct many demonstrations and are present at trade shows throughout the year in
order to maintain our connections with the business sector at all times.

Marketing operations are conducted directly or through a network of national and
international retailers.