Trotec GmbH

Who we are


Our roots lie in the craft sector. Our company history has begun on the construction site more than 3 decades ago. Solidity and reliability are just as important as speed and endurance. This is where we come from. We have learned and implemented our experience into products – with the philosophy that has also led to our success in the craft sector. A project only becomes a good project if the people working on the construction site are good team players. Coordinating all trades and seeing which machines, which materials, which climatic conditions lead to which result is something Trotec has in its DNA. We simply know what works because our knowledge is based on experience from real life.

Our values

The most important basis for the success of the Trotec Group and its growth since the foundation 20 years ago is made up of our qualified and motivated employees. What else makes us exceptional is the high level of innovation: We reinvest more than 10 per cent of our turnover in research & development. With this, the Trotec Group guarantees technology which is and stays innovative...