Who we are

Vitalac is a French feed and animal nutrition company founded 30 years ago and where 100 employees are convinced that quality is everyone's business. Our production plant, based in Bretagne, one of the most important breeding regions in Europe, manufactures premixes, concentrates and minerals, nutritional specialties, complete feeds and solid and liquid additives for cattle, pigs and poultry. Our team, nutritionists, veterinarians, zootechnicians and biochemists, have focused from the start on research and innovation of nutritional and health products alternative to medicinal products for breeders and distributors looking for practical, technically developed, reliable and profitable solutions.

Let's discuss your needs and we will explain you, who we are and what makes the success of our product ranges and the satisfaction of our customers, breeders and distributors, in France and in more than 60 countries across the world where we export 50% of our production.

Our values

The benefits to work with Vitalac

- French manufacturer for 30 years in animal feed and nutrition
- Expert for livestock farming, dairy cows, pigs and poultries
- Continuous innovation and development
- Commercial and technical relationship efficiency
- Guaranteed quality and traceability (FamiQS, GMP, SNTO, …)
- Control of the international logistics chain
- Customers satisfaction engagement

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