Who we are

YYK Barn is a leading livestock equipment supplier and manufacturer in Asia.

1. YYK Barn has full line of cattle equipment and dairy farm equipment. Two manufacturing bases in China covers roto molding and metal fabrication, we provide a wide range of equipment such as cattle handling systems, cattle barn and dairy farm equipment, livestock watering and feeding systems, farm composting equipment, hutches and much more.

2. We are not only a manufacturer, we engineer it. We have technicians team made of mechanical, chemical expert;

3. Our cattle waterer, cattle handling systems, TMR and Compost Turner are popular across the world.

Over the years we have established ourselves as one of the top providers of livestock handling equipment and solutions to Asia and the world. Let our products bring convenience, value and peace of mind to your farm.

Our values

Since 2003 YYK Barn has been making life better for our customers by providing quality durable livestock equipment.

Our high quality livestock equipment allows you to provide the best care for your livestock without breaking the bank. From the sunny fields of Thailand to the harsh climate of Inner Mongolia, from Tonga island to the Texas plains, our cattle equipment has stood the test of time and the elements. Remember when you think of YYK barn, think QRD, Quality, Reliability and Durability.