Zeppelin Maquinaria

Who we are


Zeppelin is a brand that was born in Spain 9 years ago, with the firm purpose of offering a quality, capable and competitive machinery. In a few years it has greatly expanded its product range, its quality and its service, becoming a benchmark at national level.Nº 1 in number of machines sold in Spain. Its ambition does not stop there.It is already known in many parts of Europe and America, and will soon be a reference outside our borders.

The power in your hands

Zeppelin puts in your hands all the power of the earth to help you get the best results.
Comfortable, practical and effective solutions that are every day on the field with you. Zeppelin is experience and cost-effectiveness.
Because we offer personalized advice when you need it. Because with our machines you will find that efficiency is your best ally. Making it a reality is in your hands.

The power of a winning team

Zeppelin is a brand distributed by AMA España. This means that our work philosophy is based on the constant effort to offer our customers top quality products at very competitive prices.
We are a team of professionals who combine youth and experience. Nonconformity and adaptability to each customer profile. To every need.

The ability to service

Zeppelin Maquinaria has several logistics centers in Spain totaling more than 10,000 square meters. Headquartered in one of the largest logistics platforms in Europe.
Technical and Supply Services spare parts for a personalized and expert attention.

Our values

Full confidence

Trust is a gift that our customers give us. A gift earned daily. A prize that pushes us to be better and to overcome all the challenges we face. Trust in the machines and the people who are close to them. Confidence that tomorrow we will be bigger making our customers great.