mounted shredder / knife / hammer / PTO-driven
MICRO Series Agrimaster



  • Mounting:


  • Technology:

    knife, hammer

  • Other characteristic:


  • Cutting width:

    153, 130, 110

  • Tractor power:

    18, 15


Product Descriptions:
Suitable for small tractors, these units satisfy various working requirements, from traditional cleaning of flat areas to work on banks and ditches, as well as upkeep of hedgerows and public green areas.
Standard Features:
- Gearbox with free wheel
- Category 1 three-point hitch
- Choice of blades or rams
- ø140 rear roller
- Self-levelling joint
- Cardan joint
Optional accessories:
- Hydraulic accumulator
- Two-lever distributor with flexible cable remote control
- Two-lever distributor with hydraulic accumulator
- CV cardan joint

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