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The intelligent climate control option for your poultry house
The CombiTunnel ventilation recommen­ded by Big Dutchman is a combination of two ventilation systems in one house. This makes it possible to profit from the advantages of both systems:

in case of low outside temperatures: ventilation in side mode, uniform temperatures throughout the entire house;
in case of high outside temperatures: ventilation in tunnel mode; high cooling efficiency through wind chill effect at a low energy consumption.
This solution is particularly suitable for climates that are characterized by strong fluctuations in temperatures – high temperatures in the summer, low temperatures in the winter or major differences in temperature from day to night.

Both ventilation systems are controlled by a ViperTouch climate computer. This also includes automatic switching between the two ventilation systems. When the system runs in tunnel mode the computer also records the air speed and therefore the wind chill effect.

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