barn air inlet / wall-mounted / ceiling / for ventilation
Big Dutchman



  • Applications:


  • Configuration:

    wall-mounted, ceiling

  • Other characteristics:

    for ventilation


Fresh air inlets for the wall; the flap is pulled open
Our wall inlets are made of shock-proof, recyclable, non-deformable, UV-stabilised plastic and can easily be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. The insulated inlet flap is kept in a closed position by rustproof* steel springs, thus sealing the building airtight.

The inlet flap opens through downward pull. This allows the farmer to regulate the inlet opening very precisely in each season. As an example from the winter season: the cold, outside air enters the building, immediately combining with the warm, inside air. This process helps create a more comfortable climate for the birds and can easily be managed with a control set. This control set opens the fresh air inlets either all at once or individually.