swine drinking system / plastic / steel / suspended
Meier - Brakenberg GmbH & Co. KG



  • Animal type:

    for swine

  • Material:

    plastic, steel

  • Other characteristic:



Complete systems with practical details.

We construct and deliver our drinking systems custom-made and based on individual planning for your stable. They have been especially developed for sow management, piglet rearing and pig fattening.

We have continuously developed and optimized drinking systems and invested great care and passion in useful and detailed solutions. Today our drinking systems can be found in many operations where they ensure the supply of fresh water and additives.

Standard drinking system for liquid feed.

Our drinking systems with branch lines leading to pens and supply line in the central aisle are ideal for stables with liquid feed. Also they are perfectly suitable for operations without dosing of medication through the drinking water. With our dosing unit MBDos it is also possible to add acids for the optimization of gastrointestinal flora.

Circulation drinking system for dosing medication.

Our circulation drinking systems consist of loop lines inside the pens and a separate loop line in the central aisle where it is intended to have an additional fresh water line. There is a chemical resistant ball tap in front of each pen to select between fresh water supply or medication solution feed-in. Due to the constant circulation of the drinking water even non-soluble medications remain in suspension and reach the animals safely.

All drinking systems are acid resistant. The supply lines are made of PVC. For parts within reach of the animals we use stainless steel exclusively. Depending on the requirements we install stainless steel holders with up to 7 nipples.