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circular sawmill / vertical / electric
D9 strojcad



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D9 Automatized circular sawmill, is a new generation double-bladed sawmill.

Fixing carriages move along with a log on a rail feeder.

An inline fixing carriage system ensures simpler assembling of carriages, reduces an overall weight of a moving arrangement unit and increases sawmill cutting speed.

By attaching an additional carriage assembling it is possible to cut logs of excessive lengths.

Fixing carriages are equipped with hydraulic log dogging devices and a log turner as standard equipment.

A log positioning gear for horizontal as well as vertical log central positioning is a must. It results in obtaining the best yield possible.

A stationary cutting head is formed by two saw blades at a 90 degree angle. A sawmill is equipped with a cross log feeder and a lumber conveyer.

D9 Automatized Circular Sawmill, is a one-man operated machine. There is no need to hire additional staff for lumber manipulating.

D9 saw cuts with small saw blades using thin kerf sawing technology.

A lumber sorting line can be installed next to a saw mill.

D9 circular sawmill final product is square-edged lumber of the best quality, sorted by size.