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seeding control unit / ISOBUS
seeding control unit

Our New CAN-ART module allows you to have critical rate and blockage information displayed on your Case, Deere, or Cat ISOBUS Virtual Terminal, no need for another monitor in the cab! The Agtron ISO ART System unlocks the power of ISOBUS ...

greenhouse control system
greenhouse control system

The HortiMaX MultiMa has been the leading greenhouse environmental controller for years now. This control computer offers unparalleled versatility and is a breeze to operate thanks to our advanced Synopta software. The MultiMa’s state-of-the-art ...

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seeding control system / flow-control / variable-rate
seeding control system

The XeedSystem is a precision seeding platform that measures product flow through each run. The phototransistor sensors in the XeedSystem continuously monitor and display product flow in real time. The monitor has an instant blockage ...

spraying control system / flow-control
spraying control system

Suitable if you want to control and monitor the spraying system independently. Up to four pumps or atomisers can be operated with one control unit. Independent MANTIS ULV spraying systems are available with 1-4 atomisers. Advantages: The ...

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Mantis ULV
orchard hedger / tractor-mounted
orchard hedger
KD - 120

field grading control system / for cameras
field grading control system
Ground Control Station (GCS) Gcase+Gtrack

Providing the reliability you need A System Ground Control Station that is simple, compact, rugged and easy to carry and deploy, the G-Case contains the electronics necessary to serve as the connection point in the system. It is housed ...

arboriculture hedger / self-propelled / disc
arboriculture hedger

Medium duty Efficient in tightly planted orchards Suited for almonds and pistachios Cutting head swings for extra reach Cuts over the center of the row Variable-speed rotating cross Four 24-inch-diameter saw blades Available for ...

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TOL Incorporated
crop management system / level control / mobile
crop management system
Climate FieldView™

Climate FieldView™ does the listening so you can get the most out of every acre Each farm is different. Every field is unique. Use Climate FieldView™ to make data-driven decisions to maximize your return on every acre. We’re your data ...

lighting control system
lighting control system

Precision Grow Light Management Made Simple The smartPAR Wireless Control System empowers you to manage your LumiGrow LEDs from your phone, tablet, or computer. Quickly set up lighting zones, enable lighting automation and gain control ...

crop monitoring system / temperature / frost / wireless
crop monitoring system

On calm, clear nights surface temperature, including leaf and bud temperatures, can drop well below air temperature due to a net loss of longwave radiation to the clear sky. A radiation frost occurs when frost forms at the surface before ...

tractor monitoring system / remote
tractor monitoring system

The low-cost original is now even better! Accurate speed, distance and area measurement at an affordable price. Wide range of use - sprayers, tractors, ATV's, trucks, floaters, etc. Provides improved chemical efficiency and accuracy Front ...

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Micro-Trak Systems, Inc.
barn monitoring system / temperature / with alarm
barn monitoring system
DOL 2400

The SKOV alarm system can monitor temperatures in several houses and trigger alarms for unintended climate changes and production equipment failures.The alarm includes advanced temperature monitoring with outdoor temperature compensation ...

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weather station control system
weather station control system
Vantage Pro2™

View data from a cabled Vantage Pro2 station. This compact console is loaded with features, including a backlit LCD screen and that makes viewing weather data easy, day or night. Replacement console for cabled Vantage Pro2 stations. For ...

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Davis Instruments
control unit for filling applications / flow-control
control unit for filling applications

The Automated System Control is a customized controls solution to fit the process variables of advanced manure management. The complete package is pre-wired ready to hang. The PLC system includes VFDs, sensors for manure conditioners, ...

crop monitoring system / level control / remote
crop monitoring system

Electronic Shaft Monitor A low-cost solution in monitoring seed and fertilizer applications. LED lights indicate that row clutch is working Small compact display for easy placement Up to 16 shafts monitored at once Programmable sensor ...

greenhouse control system / CAN-Bus
greenhouse control system

The ORION-MC is the communication interface between the horticulture computer and the IO units in the field, for example the H1MC. The ORION-MC communicates through the CAN-local bus with the IO units. The ORION receives the control commands ...

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Hotraco Horti B.V.
spraying control system
spraying control system
012-3-0300 PWM

Enables continuous variable control of a hydraulic valve or an electric motor. It is possible to set the lowest and highest speed at two different levels, whereby the user has the opportunity to fine-tune the valve or motor. The PWM-controller ...

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Lykketronic A/S
egg counter control system
egg counter control system
EMEC Series

An EMEC egg counter makes it possible to count eggs on a conveyor belt. The eggs do not need to be singulated or oriented in any way, the sensor will accurately count sideby- side eggs. EMEC-12 The EMEC-12 is particularly suitable to ...

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Hotraco Agri BV
control system
control system

You can access your farm data from anywhere in the world by means of the IP-485 gateway. All management information from the process computers is stored in the cloud at the data centre. You can use an SSL-protected web browser to logon ...

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STIENEN Bedrijfselektronica B.V.
high-speed seed tube / precision agriculture
high-speed seed tube

Plant 2x Faster A masterpiece of engineering. The planter of the future is in your shed today. SpeedTube allows you to increase your speed and ensure spacing accuracy, while maximizing your planting window. Designed with performance, ...

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Precision Planting
spraying control system / boom height
spraying control system

Tailored Control For Any Operation NORAC boom height control comes in many levels of control to suit any need. From Standard Control™ to our breakthrough Active Roll™ technology NORAC provides performance not offered by any other ...

greenhouse control system / GPS / ISOBUS
greenhouse control system

Acquired by Conviron in 2013, Argus is the North American leader in advanced automated control systems for greenhouses and other horticultural applications. Argus systems are used by leading universities, government facilities, and bioresearch ...

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lighting control unit
lighting control unit

The AGRIBOX pro enables light management of the AGRILED® pro fixtures to be fully automated using a DALI signal (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface). The digital light sensor dims or deactivates the fixtures if the light levels in ...

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grain monitoring system / temperature / wireless / remote
grain monitoring system

SafeTrack is a complete solution for monitoring your commodity temperatures. The SafeTrack system provides simple, accurate and fast grain monitoring. SafeTrack in action • Wireless radio options greatly minimized conduit and installation ...

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Safe Grain
barn management system / temperature / moisture / smart
barn management system

- It allows to manage ventilation, heating, cooling, alarm, clocks, weather station, curves, statistics, air-inlets, counters, static pressure, C02/ammonia, breeding management. - Temperature sensors to measure the temperature inside ...

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