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mounted wood chipper / electric
Slant Series acrowood



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Uniform chips from waste wood or whole logs are produced in the Acrowood Slant Disc Chipper. These machines have been in operation for decades and are proven to save mills money by requiring little maintenance while producing high-quality fiber with minimal pins and fines.
Slant Disc Chippers Features
Better chip quality results from the stable feeding and chipping action—a result of less movement in the spout
Minimal pins and fines are generated with the accurate knife-to-anvil adjustment
No damage to the chips on exit through the clear discharge path, minimizing pins and fines
Replaceable wear plates on the chipper disc surface
Factory installed knife style options include conventional Babbitted knives, and commercially-available disposable knife systems
Reduced maintenance man-hours—most knife changes can be handled by one man from the front of the chipper disc
Outstanding bearing life results from hollow shaft, fixed arbor design
Sizes from 52″ to 84″ disc diameter available
Uniformly sized conventional pulp chips as well as mini- and macro-chips