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mounted wood chipper / electric
Cracker Series



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The Acrowood Chip Cracker processes overthick chips while minimizing fiber degradation, pins, and fines generation, and without damage to accept chips to ensuring higher pulp yield from overthick chips. The Chip Cracker processes high volumes of wood chips fed between the two large rolls, gently cracking them for chemical pulping operations.

Chip Cracker Features
High performance cracking of overthick chips for liquor penetration in pulping applications
Reliable, long-lasting rolls have keyed, replaceable segments formed of cast stainless steel
Trouble free operation with minimal maintenance
Very few pins, fines or damaged chips generated with low-profile knurl pattern
Less power requirements with pivoting arm design: weight of the rolls provide the cracking force and reduces pressure needs
A single motor drives both rolls through twin, foot-mounted gear boxes and heavy-duty universal joint drive lines
Low maintenance man hours
Less susceptible to damage from contaminants
Roll shaft segments easily accessible
Easy roll removal and bearing replacement
Roll shaft assemblies accessible through side frames
Long-life stainless steel segments on a square shaft
Minimal hydraulic requirements