dump trailer / 3-axle / silage / 29 ton
HTS 29.03



  • Construction:


  • Number of axles:


  • Application:


  • Payload:

    29 ton, 30 ton

  • Other characteristic:

    moving floor


The HTS Silage trailers are specialists for the powerful transport of grass and maize silage. The trailer frame and the body form are designed in a single welded structure. The highly profiled side walls (Ekotal) are compared to steel side walls, are easier and ensures a high stability. This gives you, relative to the effective volume, a lower weight! The large box volume in all performance classes guarantees enormous daily outputs.
Used as powerful and cost-effective Silage Trailer:
- the mechanically moving floor drive realize reloading performances less than one minute (optional)
- big box volumes secure an enormous operating performance
Used as big volume feed distributing trailer and for charging of biogas stations:
- reloading volume up to 10 m³/min are possible through a powerful cross conveyor belt for sided charging of biogas stations
- through the interface of the disc spreading unit a cross conveyor belt can be assembled quickly and easily
- with the hydraulic drive throw distances up to 3.0 m will be realized
- the capacity between moving floor and cross conveyor belt is optimally