riding lawn mower / hydraulic motor / collecting



  • Type:


  • Motor type:

    hydraulic motor

  • Other characteristic:


  • Cutting width:

    1,500 mm


Collecting mower designed for professional use with 1500 mm cutting width and 800 liter collector box. The high suction power makes it also possible to collect tree leaves on lawns. The blades cut the grass, tree leaves etc. to a fine mulch which packs tightly into the collector box.

Collector box volume is designed to be large enough for professional use also in larger areas. Lid opening is hydraulic and operated from Avant’s driver seat. By lifting the loader boom and tilting the mower forward the collector box can be emptied into a container, skip etc. Collector box is pivoted in the front and can be tilted forward for easier maintenance. Two indicator arrows on the Optifloat™ quick attach plate make adjustment of the floating very easy. The wheels are foam filled, puncture free rubber tyres.