vertical mixer / horizontal / stationary / feeding



  • Auger orientation:

    vertical, horizontal

  • Mobility:


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high mixing accuracy, versatile use
The vertical and horizontal mixers offered by Big Dutchman can be used to mix different ingredients such as cereals, soya, dry minerals, vitamins and fats together to produce high quality feed mixes. Both large amounts and small amounts can be mixed with a high mixing accuracy.

Main advantages
Advantages of the vertical mixer

massive, vertical mixing screw;
compact design, made of steel → requires only little space and is very rugged;
the screw can be reached by means of a cleaning hatch;
operation surveillance via an inspection window.
Advantages of the horizontal mixer

double, counter-rotating steel screw along the entire length of the mixer
-> high mixing accuracy (1:100 000)
-> very good mixing quality, including small amounts
-> low wear; 4 short mixing times;
3 or 4-leg, weighed batch mixer → precise weighing;
residue-free emptying;
maintenance-friendly cleaning opening for better hygiene;
mixing of CCM is also possible.

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