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farm building fan / for air circulation

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farm building fan / for air circulation farm building fan / for air circulation - SD-EC SERIES


  • Application:

    farm building

  • Function:

    for air circulation


Available in 8” to 20" sizes.
CFM's range from 200 to 3,400 CFM
High efficiency totally enclosed EC Smart Motor
Rugged steel welded box housing with durable powder coat finish
OSHA guard on intake side of fan
All fans are shipped completely assembled.
Canarm’s standard fans follow a tradition of quality in design, materials and construction. All our standard fans are developed to be efficient and economically priced. Fans are now available with EC Smart Motors

To determine the proper Canarm Fan for your applications, use the following formula.

Number of cubic feet in room / Number of minutes per air change = Required C.F.M. Capacity.

A general office, (see chart) which requires an air change every ten minutes, would require the following fan capacity.
If office is 100’ x 40’ x 10’ = 40,000 cubic feet.

40,000 cubic feet / 10 minutes per air change = 4000 Required C.F.M.

From this chart, you would select a fan that is rated at 4000 C.F.M. at 1/8” S.P. (Static Pressure).

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