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greenhouse boiler

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greenhouse boiler greenhouse boiler


  • Application:

    for greenhouse


HORCONEX takes care of the complete technical equipment of your boiler room. from delivery and placing of the boiler until the connection and installation of the burner and the transportgroups for the greenhouse heating. All loose parts together will be fit into a good working system. Due to safety reasons the connection of the fuel is outsourced. All the rest of the proceedings is carried out very detailed by HORCONEX.

Renovation of the boiler room

Next to taking care of a complete new technical equipment of you boiler room, you can also count on our service for the renovation of your existing boiler room. For example existing boilers can be renovated or being replaced by new ones.

Adjust or expand

Your current boiler room could also be adjusted or expanded by us. The develpoments in horticulture and in greehouse heating systems are not static, and also you company is subject to growth. This could change you heating demand, and therefore the need to change your boiler room. It happens regularly that, for more energy, an extra boiler, CHP, or heat storage tank in (or next to) the boiler room is placed. However, slao when you decide to step over to another energy source, there will be most likely adjustments in the boilerroom. Therefore it is good to know that for all these proceedings you can rely on the many years of experience of HORCONEX.

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