trailed sprayer / folding arms / pneumatic
Leeb AX



  • Mobility:


  • Other characteristics:

    folding arms, pneumatic

  • Capacity:

    3,800 l, 4,000 l (1,003.9 gal)

  • Working width:

    Min.: 18 m (59'00")

    Max.: 30 m (98'05")


Leeb AX at a glance
Barrel capacity: 3 800 litre
Barrel made of polyethylene (PE)
Low gravity centre of the spraying barrel
Optimised tank shape for transport and cleaning
Optimised hose laying reduces hose lengths to a minimum
Upper or lower linkage can be selected freely as it can changed by turning the drawbar
Boom suspension in a parallelogram – hydraulically spring-loaded and damped
Soft and smooth boom position even in hilly terrain and at high speeds
The geometry of the parallelogram has been designed in such a way that the boom is kept close to the axle. Despite its light design, the suspension is extremely torsion-resistant and thus perfectly suitable for the automatic boom controlsystem Leeb BoomControl.
Nozzles are protected against wind and mechanical damages
Pumps capacity with 270 or 400 l/min