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dump trailer / single-axle / agricultural / silage



  • Construction:


  • Number of axles:


  • Application:

    agricultural, silage

  • Other characteristic:



- Rotary mower 2 drums 2 tambours ( 2x4 blades), oil bath gearbox, free wheel insert, cutting width 2100mm.
- Automatic clutch of the cutting system
- Height setting of the rotary mower thanks to 2 hydraulic cylinder
- Widht conveyor 950mm with mechanical control composed with 8 combs with 5 teeth.
- Tilted safety cover

- Floor conveyor Marine chain Ø12 (high strength) bars made of dismantles tubes.
- Driving of the floor conveyor by moto redactor oil bath, regulating flow.
- 3 rotors with hydraulic driving and hydraulic rising
- Rear bilateral unloading floor in PVC, width 800mm and unloading height 700mm
- Rear unloading with a complete hydraulic opening

- Electric control of all the functions with a mobile control box in the tractor cab
- Hydraulic group of the conveyor and the rotors
- Hydraulic oil tank capacity 295l

Design - Security
- Bolted housing

Road traffic
- Linkage beam with hydraulic deport
- Linkage over the transmission
- Parking brake and hydraulic brake on the 4 wheels
- Light in accordance with the Highway code
- Hydraulic kickstand with manual pump
- DREAL validation

- PTO transmission with security, transmition sleeve and safety bowl machine side (wide angle PTO shaft tractor side with protection)

Tractor equipment
- PTO shaft for 540 rpm
- electric plug 12v/3 pin for the valves
- electric plug 12v/7 pin for the light
- Hydraulic distributor 1SE with direct return to tank
- High adjustable linkage screed