grain silo / metal / galvanized steel / flat-bottom
BROCK series



  • Application:

    for grain

  • Material:

    metal, galvanized steel

  • Form:


  • Other characteristic:


  • Capacity:

    Min.: 99 m³ (3,496 ft³)

    Max.: 43,073 m³ (1,521,109 ft³)


Storing the crops after harvest in high-quality storage positively influences its subsequent value. For this reason we supply our post-harvest lines with American galvanized BROCK silos made of corrugated metal sheets. They are available in a very wide range of sizes and capacities.

Based on the increasing global demand for storage of a growing number of commodities a new silo model called EVEREST has been developed. Thanks to its innovative design the BROCK silos can be as high as 40 rings and have a diameter of 47.6 meters. These are the largest dimensions available on the market, proving the uniqueness of this technology.

The construction of the cylindrical part of the silo and roof has undergone a complete reconstruction. It can now carry an extreme load of 59,000 kg at the top of the silo. Just for your information, the largest BROCK silo was built in the US, near Chicago, Illinois. It has a diameter of 47.6 metres and 33,000 tons of grain can be stored in it.