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fruit sorter / tomato fruit sorter / tomato - Minigram


  • Crop type:

    fruit, tomato


Electronic weight sorter for a large range of fruits

Ideal for family businesses, the Minigram electronic sorting machine offers incredible packaging possibilities for an economical budget.

Various configurations depending on fruit

In order to optimally meet the sorting requirements for a specific type of fruit (packaging mode and / or desired capacity), the Minigram models are available in different versions: mono-fruit or multi-fruit, single-speed or multi-speed, 6 or 10 size exits.

This makes them suitable for sorting of e.g. apricots, prunes, kiwis, peaches, apples, (round) pears, tomatoes, melons, etc. with weights of 20 grams to a maximum of 2 kg each.


Depending on the main product, these models are supplied with 36 universal (Minigram 2) or 50 small (Minigram 2+) carriers.

Fruit-friendly and accurate

The unique form and way of emptying of the carriers (patent Calibrex) ensures a very fruit-friendly and precise grading by weight. The mounted wheels under the carrier contribute to the low noise level.