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livestock gate / corral / for cows / metal



  • Type:


  • Function:


  • Animal type:

    for cows

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    tubular, adjustable

  • Width:

    18 in, 21 in, 25 in, 28 in


Designed to handle approximately 250 head, this corral features a 135 degree Rough Stock Open Sweep with a 48’ straight working alley that leads to a Model S04 Squeeze Chute. The RSOSCS-5 also features a 16’ sorting alley that leads to a Calf Table. This system is constructed from our heaviest, most durable panels, Priefert Rough Stock Panels, to ensure that it can handle even the rankest cattle. The layout includes six holding pens connected to a 10’ wide central alley. The 48’ working alley is adjustable and can be set to one of four widths to better fit the size of cattle being worked. With no tools required, the “no-back” Alley Stop can be easily adjusted to prevent cattle from backing out of the alley. The attractive and durable Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish with UV inhibitors will add years of life to your investment by helping your panels resist rust, scratches and fading. The Rough Stock Open Preg Panels provide operators safe and easy access to the rear of the cow for pregnancy checking or artificial insemination. The Model S04 Squeeze Chute is Priefert’s number one selling squeeze chute of all time and features the Model 91 Headgate that works in manual or automatic mode. The 16’ sorting alley leads to a Calf Table. Priefert’s Calf Table is the safest, most productive way to work calves weighing up to 450 lbs. Our largest corral system, the RSOSCS-5 has everything you need for your cow-calf operation. Not only does this system help take some of the “work” out of working cattle, but it is designed to be “easy on the cow, easy on the cowboy.”

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