pneumatic seed drill / tractor-mounted / with disc harrow



  • Seed distribution:


  • Other characteristics:

    tractor-mounted, with disc harrow

  • Working width:

    3 m, 4 m (9'10")


The seed drill of the future to optimize your profitability

Working width:
3 to 4 metres

Hopper capacity:
1,250 to 2,100L

Drilling system:
coulters or discs (50 or 100kg)

The PROGRESS seed drill allows you to efficiently manage your sowing, gives a high work rate and optimises your resources: seed doses, fuel and time. Thanks to its advanced technology, it ensures uncompromising implementation accuracy to secure your yields.
Agricultural practices are constantly changing. Equipped with up to 3 hoppers, the PROGRESS seed drill is upgradeable and will guide you towards the cultivation practices and challenges of tomorrow.

Sow 3 products in 1 pass
We will help you to develop new farming practices
The PROGRESS seed drill holds up to three hoppers which can be used for a variety of applications: combined crops, mixed plant cover, fertilisers and seeds…

There are many types of soil so we adapt our sowing techniques
3 specific sowing lines rather than just one... that claims to do everything.
Seed sowing is the most important step of the sowing process. Placement at the right depth and optimal soil/seed contact are the most important elements for the success of your sowing campaign. Sulky offers you three different sowing units, in order to meet your needs perfectly based on your soils and your crop plans.

-The Unisoc, with 3 real rows, for its simplicity and efficiency
-The Twindisc 50kg, double disc on parallelogram, for its high precision
-The Cultidisc 100kg, a single serrated disc, for its versatility