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animal feed supplement / cattle / mineral / dry

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animal feed supplement / cattle / mineral / dry animal feed supplement / cattle / mineral / dry - RUMENSTIMUL


  • Type:

    for animals

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  • Function:

    against acidosis


Improving ruminal efficiency

Acidosis is the number one cause of performance drops in ruminants. Leading to diminished rumination and liquid dung containing undigested grains, it is caused by prolonged periods of low ruminal pH below 5.6, which reduce rumen flora yield (feed efficiency). Cases of acidosis most often result from an energy/protein imbalance, a lack of fibre content in feed, or a rushed dietary transition. The aim is to buffer in order to optimise ruminal function.

– RumenStimul: A cocktail of clays and nutrients to optimise ruminal fermentation. RumenStimul can be added to Vitacarte custom mineral formulas.

Effects of Alkabov and RumenStimul:
– Improvement in feed efficiency (+5 to 10% milk/kg DM intake) = better digested dung
– Reduced risk of ruminal acidosis

Buffering the ration optimises ruminal fermentation for improved intake processing. Simple dung washing provides a quick view of a cow’s feed efficiency, by residue examination.

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