poultry feeding system / tube / dry feed
PickPuck Big Dutchman



  • Animal type:

    for poultry

  • Distribution:


  • Other characteristic:

    dry feed


Enrichment and natural wearing of the beak
Poultry farmers as well as their layers will benefit from the newly developed Big Dutchman product PickPuck. PickPuck occupies the hens and remains permanently interesting because the birds can act out their natural behaviour of searching for feed. A swinging plate with a coarse surface is suspended below a drop pipe with attractive feed such as wheat. When a hen picks onto the plate or nudges it from the side, this movement dispenses a small amount of feed that the hens can then peck.

The specially coated surface of the plate incidentally also wears down the beak in a natural manner. Grains dropping into the litter additionally promote the natural scratching behaviour.

Main advantages
clever, permanently interesting occupation;
supports the natural wearing of the beak;
promotes natural behaviours such as scratching;
easy to install in the bird area;
automatic filling;
good price/performance ratio.

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