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5-shank subsoiler / 7-shank / 9-shank / 3-point hitch
6│DT Orthman



  • Number of shanks:

    5-shank, 7-shank, 9-shank

  • Other characteristic:

    3-point hitch, fixed, with gauge wheels

  • Working width:

    Min.: 3.6 m (11'09")

    Max.: 6.86 m (22'06")

  • Working depth:

    Min.: 20.3 cm (8 in)

    Max.: 50.8 cm (20 in)


The Orthman 6|DT subsoil ripper is designed as a soil conservation tool that destroys deep compaction layers to increase moisture intake, reduce runoff and increase yields. With a working depth ranging from 8-20 inches, the 6|DT enables your field to soak up moisture and produce to the best of its ability. The 6|DT provides maximum tillage without the loss of moisture from evaporation and is the most effective tool available to correct yield-robbing and moisture-denying compaction layers.
Engineered Strength
Rigid cutting coulter
New zero maintenance spring coulter
Heavy-Duty Bearings
High-Strength Shanks
Five different point options allow you to tool your 6 | DT to your soil conditions to maximize productivity
Precision depth control:
Optional gauge wheels determine shank depth while mitigating implement weight for your tractor
- Heavy-duty toolbar with Cat 3 or Cat 4 hitch and from five to seven shank configurations
- Shatter compaction layers from 8 to 20 inches deep
- Available with rigid or all-new, zero-maintenance, spring-loaded cutting coulter
- Multiple point options to match to your operation
- Swept forward shank design limits soil disruption and shatters up to 30 inches wide
- Optional gauge wheels with crank or pin adjustment options
- Safety lighting kits standard on machines larger than 12 feet

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