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mounted row crop cultivator / depth control / folding
8375 Orthman



  • Mobility:


  • Other characteristic:

    depth control, folding

  • Working width:

    Min.: 4.57 m (14'11")

    Max.: 18.29 m (60'00")

  • Row spacing:

    Min.: 76.2 cm (30 in)

    Max.: 101.6 cm (40 in)


The industry’s most versatile tool
The Orthman 8375 Row Crop Cultivator has proven itself to be the industry’s most versatile row crop tillage tool. The 8375 is designed to utilize Orthman’s wide selection of cultivation tools and attachments to ensure a custom field pass for even the toughest of field conditions.
Parallel Linkage
Force-through-mount design
Reliable weed kill
Precision wrench-free depth adjustment
Depth Band Coulter Option
Tire Front Option
Heavy-Duty Sealed bearings
Precision Tooling Options
Barring-off discs
Intermediate Tooling Options
Center Cutting Coulter
Multiple Sweep Options to match your needs
Ridging Wings
Side-dressing options
Fender Packages
Unsurpassed toolbar strength
Patented Design
Additional Lifting Power
Optional GPS Implement Guidance
Nurse-Tank Hitch
Precision depth control