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1tRIPr XD Orthman

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strip-tiller strip-tiller - 1tRIPr XD


  • Working width:

    Min.: 6 m (19'08")

    Max.: 16 m (52'05")


Built for today’s ever larger farms, Orthman’s new drawn 1tRIPr XD delivers high efficiency with generous fertilizer carrying capacity integrated into a rugged, large-frame design. Designed, engineered and built to last for years of production, the 1tRIPr XD manages the Three Principles of Precision Tillage in a single pass and provides a clean, level, seed-ready seedbed in a variety of field conditions, including wheat stubble, cover crop, standing BT corn stalks and many more.
The 1tRIPr XD is available in 8- to 18-row toolbar configurations with 6- or 9-ton dry fertilizer packages, a 1,000-gallon liquid fertilizer package and an optional rear hitch for use in NH3 application. The 1tRIPr XD includes all the features of the Orthman Row Crop Tillage Toolbar, which utilized finite element analysis and rigorous real-world testing for engineered strength. Three narrow transport models allow for faster and safer field-to-farm transportation.
The massive XD lifting tongue shortens the overall machine length and improves ground clearance for optimum field-to-field transport maneuverability, while precision line-bored hinges provide more strength and smoother operation guaranteeing years of reliable performanc
The XD hitch is built Orthman tough and designed to eliminate backlash for increased control and greater drawbar life.
The XD’s unique short tongue and narrow design let you make tighter end turns for greater speed and efficiency.

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