weight indicator / on-board / keypad / with data logging
GT 560



  • Function:

    weight indicator

  • Configuration:

    on-board, keypad

  • Other characteristic:

    with data logging, for harvesting, for tractors


The GT 560, Harvest Tracker System is an easy retrofit for any scale-equipped grain cart.

It is easy to upgrade your grain cart scale head to a GT 560. Here's how:

First, if you are using a GT 460, transfer all data from the indicator to Harvest Tracker on your PC, via the USB stick.
Transfer the set-up and calibration numbers (With your current Digi-Star scale head turned on, press ON to run self-test. Write down the setup and calibration numbers.).
Then, order the GT 560 to upgrade.
The GT 560 Indicator offers several unique and useful features including:

Grain Moisture Data recording during unloading and Dry Bushel calculation (Option)
GPS Location Data recorded for Loading and Unloading locations (Option)
Increased microprocessor power with firmware, updatable via USB stick
Hour Meter, Maintenance Message and Custom Sign-On Message
Retention of all GT 460 features such as:
Autolog – Automatically records Unloaded Weight Data
Autolog2 – Warns operator to help prevent overloaded trucks and trailers
Harvest Tracker* PC & Online – Utility and Record Keeping software that works hand-in-hand with the GT 560
Harvest Tracker is the new name for, what was formerly called, Grain Tracker software. Harvest Tracker* App – Option, using Digi-Star’s ERM-WIFI module, provides complete remote control and viewing capability of the GT 560, from any iOS or Android smart-device. The App allows Combine Operators, Truck Drivers or Farm Managers to view weight information, as well as control and operate the GT 560 indicator. The App requires ERM-WiFi radio.