weight indicator / keypad / digital / for tractors



  • Function:

    weight indicator

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristic:

    digital, for tractors


This advanced management indicator allows for both EID and Visual ID input with customizable display offering easy data collection.
- Automatic recording of animal weight and EID tag, and displays Average Daily Weight Gain
- Create Group file name, Enter Premise, Visual ID, Mgt notes (2 note fields)
- Displays Group Weigh Statistics, including head count, avg, high, low, weight sum
- StockWeigh Link –PC software easy downloading of CSV file from indicator to your pc
- Two DB9 serial ports for wand reader and computer interface, or printer
- I.7”, multi-line, backlit display, 2 load cell connectors
- Stores up to 10,000 records
- Compatible with all brands of EID wand readers
- AC/DC power converter, 12V battery clips, 3 mount bracket options included