mixing feed controller / wireless
TST 7600



  • Use:

    for mixing

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The TST 7600 is a full-featured mixer scale indicator that allows producers to make adjustments scale-side and record data for use in TMR Tracker.

With the TST 7600, feed managers can look at a three-day feed history scale-side – enhancing the ability to quickly identify changes in consumption or dry matter. Feed managers can also change dry matter and record refusals at the scale, eliminating additional paperwork in the cab.

The TST 7600 has a resistive screen – responsive to touch, even when gloves are worn – along with clear graphics and intuitive buttons, which makes training new feeders easier. The TST 7600 works in conjunction with any Digi-Star indicator or ScaleLink and is compatible with most of Digi-Star's wireless communication systems. The TST 7600 is available from Digi-Star's extensive network of feed mixer manufacturers.