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weaning pen weaning pen - MAXY PORC


The necessity of technological evolution has never been like today a winning choice. By this reason our company creates in continuity new products, following faithfully the “customer project” .In our age where the elasticity is an essential prerogative, it is the customer our inspiration source for new technologies. Our MAXY PORC the external modular box, born at the beginning as infirmary, is having an unquestioned success, also because it is supplied turn-key. The structural simplicity and the choice of the best materials prove that the MAXY PORC is an alternative solution of completing for the gilts and weaners growth. Essentially the “en plein air” position” beside of being comfortable, guarantees a higher animal health. The weaners can take shelter in the box or get out in the external parquet. The MAXY PORC is made of high isolating sandwich panels. It has got external parquet that is covered by a panel roof. The internal ambient is air conditioned; an air circulation system guarantees continuously the expected temperature. The slatted floor either inside or outside offers the maximal hygiene. To collect animal dejections it has been installed a high capacity slurry pool in stainless steel. The MAXY PORC is moreover supplied with a drinking pipe connected to nipples and stainless steel dry feeders with adjustable food falling system. Afterwards, the MAXY PORC once it has been set on the ground must only be connected, because it is supplied completely assembled. It can contain from 70 to 130 weaners depending to the chosen model, and you can insert the weaners the same day you receive it.