cows milking cluster / 4 teat cups

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cows milking cluster / 4 teat cups cows milking cluster / 4 teat cups - IQ


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  • Number of teat cups:

    4 teat cups


The new milk guide piece has been designed following the natural structure of a cows udder. It is sub-divided into four guide chambers. The milk flows directly and quarter individual to the outlet. Thanks to the incline in the respective cluster chamber this process is faster and much more gentle.

Features & Benefits
Maximum milk quality - smarter vacuum control significantly reduces milk contamination. Vacuum is greatly reduced when the liner is not attached, which means less manure and other soil/debris is sucked into the milk line. You won't believe how clean your milk filters are with the IQ Milking Unit.

Improved udder health - with four separate guide chambers there is no threat of teat-to-teat cross contamination of mastitis-causing bacteria. Unlike conventional milking units, the new IQ unit is subdivided into four quarters, and milk from each quarter is kept separate.

Holds on any shaped udder - the short milk tubes are longer which allows proper placement on virtually any udder shape. The unit weight is ideally distributed 80% on the teat and 20% in the claw. Plus, better unit alignment means fewer unit slips and squawks.

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