trailed field cultivator / with roller / rigid tine / spring tine
Terrano GX



  • Mobility:


  • Other characteristic:

    with roller, rigid tine, spring tine

  • Working width:

    4 m, 4.9 m (13'01")


Advantages of Terrano GX
Available as a 3- and 4-bar version
For shallow as well as for deep cultivation up to 25 cm
Position of the chassis guarantees optimum manoeuvrability
Tine spacing between 28,5 cm and 31,5 cm
TerraGrip tines of third generation
Equipped with a fully integrated tractive power amplifier
Can be equipped with a single packer or with a double packer
Work without packer possible
Working without consolidation
Power demand from 130 kW / 175 HP