plowshare ridger
WR Series

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plowshare ridger plowshare ridger - WR Series


  • Type:


  • Working width:

    Max.: 576 cm (226.77 in)

    Min.: 140 cm (55.12 in)


The Struik WR ridge former, also called a ridging plough, is an ideal tool for ridging light to medium density soil, with or without stones.

The ridge former can be delivered with a fixed ridger or as a fixed ridger with Vibro Flex tines.

Advantages of the WR are:

- Easy adjustment of the ridge height
- Improved effectiveness of spray applications due to smooth ridge surface
- Use of stainless steel ridging units results in completely uniformly formed and scalped ridges.
- The removable tines make it possible to perform weed control even after the crop has emerged.